What We Do Best

XPECT Marketing concentrates on building great companies. Whether you are a sole practitioner, a small practice (2-6 partners), or a mid-size regional with multiple offices, we can help. All we do is assist in building a more efficient, relationship-based business and have fun in the process. We work to learn your people, your processes and your goals and provide strategy to motivate and optimize your human capital.

Practice Building Services to help you grow your practice:

  • Identifying and seeking A-level clients
  • Helping to provide additional services—planning, consulting and advice to your clients to help them manage their business
  • Deepen relationships with top clients, providing more high-quality referrals
  • Eliminate the selling in Business Development
  • Specialization/niche development strategies
  • Realize advantage of leverage with growing percentage of preparation work accomplished by staff
  • Being involved in the right associations and getting you in front of referral sources and prospects
  • Create a set of conditions that will build a strong client relationship from the initial handshake

Developing business is simply helping more people get what they want. XPECT Marketing will help you build your firm, improve margins, increase profitability, upgrade the client base, generate more revenue per hour and attain other financial or lifestyle goals.

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