XPECT Marketing’s technical publishing division XPECTtech began as a result of a manufacturer who was having difficulty finding a communications agency, technical writer or someone that understood high-tech products and the user’s perspective required to learn about these products. As a previous owner of a technical communications company, Tom has assembled a team of strategic partners that assist in the total communications package for manufacturers, distributors and professional service firms.

Working directly with engineering departments, technical information needs to be translated into something that is useful for a prospect, yet it must effectively communicate the value propositions that pique interest and raise questions.

XPECTtech meets with engineering, sales, applications engineers and top management to develop go-to-market strategies and develop the appropriate documentation, training and support materials necessary for a successful product launch. Research, competitive analysis and strategic goals are identified and set in order to meet critical timelines and to maximize and leverage the expertise and internal investment made in new product development and as well as human capital.

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