Keeping Top of Mind for When the Time is Right

Assess the potential
It takes time. It is highly unlikely that the ideal prospect will become a client in the first contact. But, before you launch a multiple contact plan, make sure you want to keep in touch. What is the potential? Not all are worth a continuing business relationship.

Provide Value
The fear of bothering and annoying clients and prospects allows for many opportunities to fall through the crack. Provide value of new information, trends in the industry, etc. And get it to them before your competition does.

Expand Their Knowledge of You
I’ve had face-to-face interviews with clients that have said, “I didn’t know you did that, too.” It is OK to let clients know about new service. Case studies are one of the best ways to provide the information as well as providing value regarding your problem solving capability.

Change the Communication
Mix it up a bit. Right now we are receiving so much electronically, that actual printed communications are getting a lot of attention. A printer just told me they had their best quarter in three years. People need variety in their lives. Communicate that way.

Build the Relationship
True relationships are honest, sincere and of value to both parties. Not dissimilar to friendships. Check you firm wide values. Are you in alignment? If not, maybe you should change. Or if the firm does not walk the talk, maybe you should walk.

Constant, varied and sincere communication will increase your chances of you getting that call the next time your client or prospect needs a service. Be the “go to” firm.

~thomas ogden

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