What We Will Do For You

In addition to our custom set of services, we provide strategic coaching on the following topics, in a group presentation format or specific, long-term training.

Selling as a Partner and Marketer Team

  • Drive new revenue growth
  • Improve partners’ selling skills
  • Billable time vs. non-billable, who wins?
  • Getting a steady flow of revenue
  • A systematic process for prospect contacts
  • Worst practices in marketing and sales

Understanding the Five Psychological Hurdles in Obtaining a New Client

  • Getting them to like and feel comfortable with you
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Earning trust and demonstrating competence
  • Identifying and applying appropriate solutions to pain
  • Obtaining prospect’s commitment

Business Development Skill—What Should You be Good At?

  • Developing relationships
  • Persuasive communications
  • Uncovering deeper, hidden needs
  • Drive large opportunities
  • Difference between lead generator or opportunity development
  • Effective pipelines
  • Competitive advantage
  • Are you a rainmaker or business developer?

Niche Development

  • When do you have a true niche?
  • Doing your homework
  • Identifying growth opportunities
  • Developing your team
  • Sales driven marketing plan
  • Developing a budget
  • Prospect identification
  • Referral relationships
  • Narrowing your focus, expanding opportunities

Proposal Process Development

  • Pre-proposal meeting
  • Template creation
  • Maintaining control
  • Quality control
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Does prospect match ideal client profile?
  • Providing a path to selection
  • Cover letter, executive summary
  • Engagement letter vs. proposal
  • RFPs
  • The presentation

Execution—The Forgotten Discipline

  • Focusing on important goals
  • Creating a compelling scorecard
  • Top three goals—concentrate, concentrate
  • 1,440 minutes per day, how much is dedicated to planning
  • Accountability

Working Smarter, Not Harder

  • Relationships with vendors or service providers
  • Relationships with other firms, other locations
  • Additional services and additional value to clients
  • Drafting an intro letter and inviting an exploratory meeting
  • Hold alliance meetings
  • Protecting all involved and identifying opportunities

Other presentation topics

  • Quantifiable Marketing
  • Developing the Next Generation of Leaders
  • Maximizing Client Referrals
  • Presentation Skills
  • Marketing and Sales—Where is the Line?
  • Networking Skills
  • Business Etiquette
  • Networking Relationships
  • Client Service
  • Living Your Firm’s Brand
  • Developing a Referral Network
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Client Surveys Made Personal
  • Positioning Yourself as a Trusted Advisor
  • Business Writing